Have a Seat with a Cup of Tea

Winter is a very centering season. A time to sit.  We are just a few days into the new calendar year, and here in Atlanta its cold and dark. The city has shut down because the icy roads aren’t safe to travel. This is true in a literal sense but also in metaphoric sense as well. The path by which we travel can become too icy to travel and we must sit.

Sitting until the roads clear can be difficult. We could do a number of things while we sit: we could curse the conditions we find ourselves and throw our road maps in exhaustion; or we could reflect on our road maps and find beauty in our current conditions.  The former might be our initial or most comfortable response. Yet, the latter offers great returns on the initial investment of energy. We become aware of the conditions and are able to explore other alternatives or expecting opportunities. This requires a certain level of clarity. Unexpected delays are often divinely orchestrated for the purpose to gain new information. For me, taking the very best care of myself while getting still in the quiet moments often yields unimaginable revelations.

Journaling has bee a survival tool for me since childhood. It gives me the space to sort out my thoughts. I am able to highlight the divinity and truth of certain ideas and to reject other more disempowering thoughts or programming. It is the way by which I have bee able to construct the road signs in my life into a useful map.

So pour yourself a cup of tea and explore the conditions around you. Perhaps a review of your road map is in order.


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