Hearing the Need to Slow Down

Life can be overwhelming. In spite of the constant chatter and movement, we still here the need to slow down. It is the nature of the rush that takes us out of our element. There is always something to do and no one wants to wait. But what if the patience we so lack is part of the process. There are so many lessons in the observation of nature. Such everything has its moment and session. All of nature has its own developmental path. Such a path has to be honored in a way that ensures the fullest growth for the desired outcome. When we rush we do not honor the moment and all of the potential of the moment. In rushing from the moment we miss the opportunity of sensual stimulation: the color–the flavor–the fragrance–the tones of this reality. We miss the heartbeats of life around us. We miss life itself. With an intentional slow down we are able to breathe. It is with this breathing space that we live in the moment and then naturally life becomes less overwhelming. Take some time today to listen to  your needs and slow down if necessary.


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