Self Care is a Revolutionary Method

You a loved. Try to remember that one important fact, you are loved. The earth loves you. All of creation loves you. So, it important that we love ourselves and allow others to love us. Self-care is the act of allowing that awareness the space to breathe in your life. The society will drown you for the breathe you need to hear the tone of your heart. We have to work to dismiss dominate narratives and assumptions about our value as human beings.  We have a right to life and self sustainability. We have a right to our cultural heritage. Are you triggered? Because I am triggered. I want you to know its healthy and appropriate to step away from the consumption of the media at this time. Stay involved in what ever social advocacy work you are engaged with. Community is important. Pour into your community and allow your community to pour into you. It seems to me that this is time to love.  In loving, affirm the humanity of your people.  Its a bold act to search for new ways to show love the self and others in this social, political, and environmental climates. We are being shown the reality of this system. Find save spaces to emotionally process what you are witnessing at this time. Be aware to be wise, my loves. Self care is a revolutionary act. What does your self-care rituals look like in this Autumn season?

Me. I have incorporated a number of little things. Like waking up before the sun rises to pray and set my intentions for the day. Its been wonderful to have complete silence for the first few hours of day while I  reciting and reflect on my affirmations. I have also been intentional about slowly drinking a glass of water and do nothing else but drink that glass of water. I really appreciate taking long walks where I can reflect on the blessing of life. I have to remind myself that self care is a revolutionary act and its one that doesn’t a group agreement or any strategy debate. Its a matter of simply walking a way from work to reconnect with the power within.

I am curious to know how people are processing what’s going on in our world? And if there are new practices that you find particularly helpful within establishing your well-being.

Be well.

[The feature image Art credit: Black woman in meditation by Claudine Menou]



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