The Beauty of Respectful Conversations

It is always a completely liberating realization to know that I am not always right. Some of my assumptions are completely wrong and can be uprooted at any moment given the conditions such as the development of the right conversation with a kindly articulate person. I have a dear friend who is both kind and wise. I appreciate this person in my life because they have the ability to hear the source of my confusion and offer new information and alternatives I hadn’t considered. With the same grace that they offers their insights, they accepts the perspective of others. Its a great partnership.

The beauty about having your assumptions uprooted is that it allows other information and possibilities to take root and grow strong a better understanding of the situation or reality of the relationship.

There is so much power in respectful communication.  It is the key to shift our consciousness and change the world. It is a blessing to have people around who help you grow and allow you to help the grow.



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