We Who Are Beautiful

We who are beautiful

Give time and space

for the healing of ourselves

our loved ones

and the planet


We who are beautiful

take our power so that

we might rub it in our skin

as it penetrates to the bone marrow

We who are beautiful


Give of ourselves to ourselves

for that we may know wholeness

and be in a position to give to others.

I am learning more and more how self-care is a revolutionary act. In this system in which black-brown indigenous people have been historically and contemporary been exploited it is necessary for a serious consideration as to what does self-care look like for me as an individual. It is with a complete understanding that, in the words of Audre Lorde, “we were never meant to survive”. I find it necessary to not only celebrate that I have survived life and the oppression placed upon me, but that I must creative and consistent ways to continue to survive and thrive in this world.

I believe it is by bring attention to that which is beautiful within yourself, in others, and in each moment you find yourself existing in. Power is created by knowing yourself and cultivating that positive energy within yourself. It here is this quietness of this moment that we know we are beautiful.



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