DIY: Doing it Yourself. . . For Yourself

There are certain segments of the population which exist sole by the power of DIY. Within the this social-economic system there are ways in which individuals are marginalized from access to the “privileges” of this society such as work, food, shelter, and health care. Difficult decisions are sustainability of one’s self, family, community, and the natural world in which they have exists. DIY is a precept of womanism for the purpose of establishing resiliency and self- determination. The systems in place are not always compatible to the desires and experiences of Black, Brown women. According to womanist scholars, DIY is a method which does not require the validation nor participation of institutional powers or structures (Cannon, 1989).  To take an active role in establishing well-being for yourself, family, and / or community is the source of true liberation. When the ‘privileges’ of this society is not afforded you there is enormous opportunity to find solutions within the abundant of resources available to you through the use of your intuition and the possibilities present in the natural world. This requires a degree of emotional management.

We are in a season of excess. It is easy to fixate on the “privileges” not available to you. We are inundated with images and information which elicits a number of emotional responses. We are given contradictory information on what we should buy to fix problems which may or may not be real. Part of the DIY method is to focus on what is really important and necessary for your to establish and manifest what you need and what your family needs to be well in this season. Trust you have the power within ourself to Do It Yourself. Whatever your “It” is.


Take the best care.


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