In a Space of Balance and Harmony

We live in a world were we are called and pulled in many directions. The ways in which our energies are distributed is complicated and can be overwhelming. This becomes most evident when we are unwillingness to walk in our power. Our power is in our spiritual practices. These practices allow us to manage our responsibilities. Our responsibilities are inspired by our desires. These desires could be motivated by the calling of our soul in its most wildest fashion or they could reflect our social needs to belonging to our tribe and community.  We can find a home space or travel an exciting path in both approaches inner and outer. For me this tends to be me needing must remain home in my soul and connected to my path toward the manifestation of various projects.

The desire to function internally and externally should not be contradictory in our approach to life. One must not out weight the other. In many discussion on self care there is a tone of isolation associated with the act of feeding one’s soul. However, all life is social from plants, to animals and to humans. We need physical touch and the beauty of others pouring into us and us pouring into them. From a womanist perspective, we understand our desires to ensure our collective survival and thus must function within a community context. This becomes a complicated space and requires balance.

So, I seek to find ways to create balance in my perspective and harmonize my actions to meet my obligations: to the creator, myself, my work, my family, and my communities. Understanding that power comes in not being in conflict about establishing priorities that a leave certain aspects of my life neglected.

The key to harmony is being in tone and listening for the flow. This requires inner balance. I believe that inner balance comes from developing practices, or rituals. These rituals could give light to the movement of your tone from day to day and the melody which is at play within the orchestra consisting of all of creation.

On the eve of a new season, and this being a dark season of shadow work, I am reflecting on the rituals I use to ensure I have inner balance and that my obligations are met through the harmonizing of my actions.

Do you seek to establish balance and harmony in your life?


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