A New Season on a Full Moon

We are in the presence of magic. Everywhere there is discussion about its magic. At this a time where is magic for those of us willing to engage in reflecting for the purpose of transformation. If we aren’t careful this energy will be used to manipulate us our out of our power. This shows up in overspending and over consuming to enhance capitalism and greed. In such a space were we are inundated with advertisements and perceived obligations to the point that our emotions become hijacked and our magic bleeds all over the place. It is for this reason it is important to take a step back and center ourselves. We find balance at the center point of our lives.  And so, power is restored and the awareness of your truest desires and dreams.

With power we could do two really important things: release and build. In the release we first give space for the existence of a thing. We accept what was useful but is currently not of use to us in this moment.  We accept that we have been hurt and /or disappointed. We accept that a love that was there might not have the some vibration as before. Yes, it happen. Yes, you had the experience. Yes, that situation was great but has ended. The acceptance of the thing is key. It is only in getting alone and siting in your magic can you see the what needs to be release. What is no longer serving you in the same way. Or what has deeply hurt you and needs to be healed.

This will free up some mental, spiritual, and physical space to build a new life. Building is easy when fear and limitations have been release. With the moving out of old energy we are able to see what steps and tools are needed to move forward. The releasing and building is could be challenging.  It starts with a setting of an intention and applying energy to the manifestation of desire. Taking time to center and get clear is the point to understanding what it is that one should seek to focus on during this new season.  This is the work. And it takes time.


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